What the what?

If only I had the mad whistling skills of Axl Rose. And his hair.

Today I bring you a list of things I don’t understand:

1. Wearing a sports bra as a shirt.

2. High fructose corn syrup. I understand that it is the devil incarnate, and I have purged my house of it, but I just don’t get what makes it so bad.

3. Why Kim Kardashian is famous.

4. Why Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t more famous.

5. Why I find myself compelled to whistle along to any song that has whistling in it. Example: “Patience” by Guns ‘n Roses.

6. Why I thought it was a brilliant idea to make ravioli last night. From scratch. Almost had a nervous breakdown.

7. What it is about a car that makes otherwise socially competent people act like they’re going to murder you for trying to change lanes in front of them.

8. Why cabbage is an ingredient. In anything.

9. Why Thomas from Downton Abbey can’t find a nice young man to settle down with. Breaks my heart.

10. Why my blog post about hating pedicures has gotten the most hits of any blog post I’ve ever written.

Care to add anything YOU don’t understand?

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