Wake up call

It’s been three days in a row. I can’t take it anymore.

You see, my husband has this suction-cup mirror thing that sticks onto the wall of the shower. It also holds his razor. And for THREE mornings in a row now, the stupid thing has come un-suctioned. No big deal, right?

Wrong. It comes un-suctioned at around 6 am. That’s while I’m dead asleep and he’s already gone for the day. The actual un-suctioning part isn’t the problem. It’s what happens one second AFTER it un-suctions. It crashes and clangs onto the tile floor of the shower, which causes me to not only wake up, but jolt upright in bed, scream “Holy sh*^!!”, and think that (a) the apocalypse is nigh, or (b) simply that some lunatic is breaking into the house and will murder me in the next 60 seconds.

Weirdly enough, I’m so out of it that I manage to fall back asleep within 30 seconds and kind of forget it even happened.

So the vicious cycle starts all over again. The next morning my husband suctions the mirror back onto the wall, it crashes to the ground at 6 am, I freak out for 30 seconds, fall back asleep, and forget to mention that he might need a new suction mirror.

So let this blog post be a reminder: YOU NEED A NEW SUCTION MIRROR. My heart might not be able to take it otherwise.


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