The Muses: Part V

Me, doing what I do most

This is part V in a series looking at what inspires my writing.

5. Out of nowhere

Sometimes ideas just pop into my head. I have no clue where they come from, but I try not to judge, no matter how stupid they might sound.

Lots of ideas come to me when I’m driving around town in the awesomeness that is my minivan, listening to XM radio. Sometimes it’s just the feeling of the music that inspires me. Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, The National, Death Cab for Cutie and Mumford and Sons do that to me a lot.

Other times the actual lyrics give me ideas. For the longest time I just could not think of a title for my YA book about a boy who is convinced he’s an angel. The Black Keys’ song “Sinister Kid” was popping up every few hours at that time, and one day as I was singing along it just hit me. I was mouthing the words to the perfect title for my book: The Boy with the Broken Halo.

A lot of stuff also comes to me in the shower. Maybe it’s because in the morning my mind is fresh. I’m unencumbered by noncreative yet necessary preoccupations like how to get my kid to eat more than ketchup that day.

For some reason those two places are my creative zones. Very weird, I know. But I hope it never stops.

Where do your writing ideas come from?

  1. Janet

    April 9th, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Love the photo and the way you get your ideas. Some places are certainly “idea generators.” My “ideas” while driving are more in the range of what I forgot to bring along with me on my way to run errands (damn it, the dry cleaning is still on the dresser!)…or why I failed to put moisturizer on my hands that morning. Love your posts, Mere. They are very funny. Perhaps a book about the humorous escapades of an indie-rock mom with a ketchup-for -lunch-eating kid will be next?

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