STRAIGHTJACKET is YouTube-ing it

I got an email the other day from a reader who wrote, and I quote, “I am currently reading Straightjacket and HOLY BANANAS I love it!”

As if that weren’t awesome enough to make my day, she went on to explain that she was reviewing the book over on her YouTube channel called “Bookaholic Hartz.” Why? Because ANOTHER book reviewer (actually a set of two) called “Chapter Chicks” chose STRAIGHTJACKET for THEIR pick over on THEIR own YouTube channel.

Seriously, where have I been?!? Apparently there are all these people reviewing books, chapter by chapter, taping themselves doing it, and posting it on YouTube.

I’m not gonna lie. It made me feel old. Old like Mr. Carson of Downton Abbey fame who won’t use a newfangled contraption called a toaster. Wow, I actually just went there. Downton Abbey reference. Not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway, what a brilliant idea! I’ve said it once (maybe not on the blog, but I’ve said it in real life) and I’ll say it again — young adult book reviewers are the absolute best. Totally awesome, totally smart, and totally savvy.

Anway, without further ado, here is the first HILARIOUS and super well done Bookaholic Hartz review of STRAIGHTJACKET (more reviews of the book to be posted on YouTube in the days/weeks to come):

AND, here is the Chapter Chicks’ first post in their chapter-by-chapter review of STRAIGHTJACKET:

UPDATE: Since I wrote this, more reviews have been released. Please check them out at the two YouTube channels (Bookaholic Hartz and Chapter Chicks) and support these book bloggers!

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