Read it and weep

I love it. I hate it. I love it.

I like to read. Duh. And over the past couple of years, I’ve realized that I really, really like reading exclusively on my Kindle. It’s easy to take places, I like how it glows so I can read it in the dark, and it’s super easy to get new books on it within seconds.

But I’ve developed a problem of sorts related to my Kindle. You see, everything is all warm and fuzzy until it’s time to get a new book to read. And then I completely wig out. It literally takes me three days to determine what to read next because for some reason I’ve decided that buying a new ebook is the single most expensive and important decision I’ve ever made. This is my process:

1. I scroll through the Amazon lending library first, which offers free books.

2. I find nothing there that interests me. I feel a little uneasy.

3. I go to Amazon and see what the top best sellers are. I find a couple of books that interest me.

4. I visit the public library’s ebook site and look up those same books I found on Amazon. I see that I’ll have to place a hold on them since all the “copies” are already checked out. But I don’t WANT to wait because I want to start reading RIGHT NOW. I start to feel ill.

5. I go back to Amazon and read through the description and reviews of each of these books like my life depends on it. I look at the prices. I think, “Do I REALLY want to spend $2.99 on this book?!? What happens if I buy it and I hate it? THEN what? I will have wasted this money. OMG I don’t know WHAT TO DO.”

6. I repeat steps 1-5.

7. And again.

8. At some point, three days later, I bite the bullet and just buy something. I’ve made myself so completely stressed out about it that I’m not even excited about it.

I realize I need to get over this. HELP.





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