I played the most amazing prank on my kids this week. (If you ask them about it, it’s probably not even a blip on their radar, but for me, EPIC).

It was another friend’s birthday and so, as I do, I made a cake for her. Whenever I’m making cakes, I always have to slice off the top dome of every cake layer to make them flat so that they stack well. My kids have some kind of spidey-sense for this and come running to the kitchen mid-cake decorating, asking a billion times, “Can I eat a top?”

This past weekend, they weren’t home while I was slicing off the tops. I figured I’d set them aside and save them for later. I did all my cake decorating and, as I usually do, had some extra frosting left over in my piping bags. I came up with the idea to stack up the leftover cake tops like a layer cake, decorate them with the leftover frosting, and give that “cake” to my kids when they got home. The brilliant part was that I was going to pretend that this was the cake I actually made for my friend.

So my kids came home a few hours later, and I told them I needed their opinion. I said I was trying some new cake decorating techniques and wanted to know what they thought of the cake I had made for my friend. They walked over to the kitchen table to find this monstrosity:

My one kid literally just said, “Ummmmmmmm…” and didn’t stop. My other kid was all, “What? Are you serious? You’re not serious. Are you serious?”

I could have really tricked them into thinking this was for real, but seeing as I started hysterically laughing at myself five seconds into the ruse, they knew I was kidding.

Anyway, this is the real cake, and my kids thought it looked much better:

  1. Janet

    August 27th, 2019 at 3:32 pm


  2. Meredith

    August 27th, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Thank you so much!

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