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I’m getting to a point in my life where if I don’t write something down, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. Who am I kidding — I’ve reached that point as of today.

I paid some bills this morning and needed to mail them out. I had some errands to run, so there’s a mailbox near my house that I drop stuff into when I’m out and about. I grabbed the bills on my way out intending to mail them on my way to Bed, Bath & Beyond (where I had to purchase a nonstick skillet since I recently threw all mine away since they’re supposedly toxic, but then when I tried to cook anything in my new stainless steel pans everything sticks like a nightmare so I had to go buy nonstick again and have no choice but to continue to poison us all slowly through the years).

So I turn onto the street and…drive right by the mailbox without mailing my stuff.

I was annoyed.

I ran my errands, determined that on the way home I’d mail the bills. When I was finished with my last errand, I even forced myself to hold the envelopes while I was driving so that I wouldn’t forget. I mean, they were RIGHT IN MY HAND and it was annoying to drive like that and the entire time I kept thinking about how uncomfortable I was but damn it I wasn’t going to forget again.

So I’m getting closer to the mailbox. I turn onto the street. I start thinking about how I need to take a class on how to make pies. It’s hard for me to make pie dough and I start to wonder if I should make an apple pie today, even though it’s not really apple season, but who cares because who doesn’t like an apple pie ANY time of the year?

And then I drive right past the stupid mailbox. Bills in hand.

I literally scream, “What the f*%& is wrong with you?!?” to myself inside my car.

It’s ridiculous. I just need to FOCUS. And not on pies.


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