Italy: Tower of Terror Day 3


Halfway through our week in Italy we took a train from Florence to Bologna. My husband had a work thing there. We had to attend a dinner one night that was held in a 12th century tower named Torre Prendiparte. There was an apartment-type area inside that could sleep one couple. My husband thought it would be fun for us to be that couple. I had agreed. This was before I visited Towers of Terror 1 and 2.

We get to the tower and meet the super duper nice proprietor. He helps us lug our luggage up stairs that are pretty much a ladder. There’s a rope hanging down to be used as a railing. It is a miracle that we don’t break our necks.

aaaThe stairs/ladder opens into the second floor, which contains a cute living room and the bathroom. A tiny spiral staircase (stupid tiny spiral staircases) leads us up into a loft area with a bed. So, just in case you didn’t get that, the bathroom and the bedroom are a floor apart and can only be reached via a tiny spiral staircase (my new living hell) that has been carved out of the stone. I immediately understand that I will not be using the bathroom in the middle of the night for fear of falling/breaking my neck/stepping on jagged stone in bare feet/all around freaking out.

We settle in a bit, other guests arrive, we welcome them to “our tower” (ha ha, we are hilarious, aren’t we?) and the proprietor begins a tour.

This is what I learn – the tower is 11 floors. I will be sleeping on floor 3. Floor 5 was a prison.


There are drawings on the walls from prisoners from the 18th century. I tell my husband there is NO WAY this thing isn’t haunted.

Everyone at the dinner thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to ask me what time I think the ghosts will come out while we’re sleeping. Seriously. No less than 17 people ask me that question. Comedians.

The proprietor shows us where the prisoners were put in solitary confinement. It’s a tiny space enclosed by stone and bars that ensured prisoners couldn’t lay down flat or stand up straight.

I’m officially freaking out and have accepted the fact that I’m not sleeping that night.

We wait for everyone from the dinner to leave, including the servers and chef, because since there is no door to the bedroom we don’t have any privacy. I mean, it’s a TOWER. There aren’t any rooms. Just entire floors.


The prisoners counted the days until their release on the walls.

We get into bed at 12:30 am. Somehow I fall asleep, despite my DEFCON 1 state. I wake up in the middle of the night. And, of course, I have to use the bathroom. I will not go down the tiny spiral staircase. I would rather wet the bed. For reals.

I wake up on and off all night too scared to open my eyes, but FINALLY it’s morning time. I am super happy because not only did I avoid a ghost confrontation, but there’s a beautiful breakfast laid out for us in the kitchen with homemade pastries. Double score.

Towers. Terrors. Times 3. But I made it.

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