In a rut

I’ve been in a rut over the last few days. As evident by the title of this blog post. The reasons are three-fold:

  1. I just got a draft of my new book back from my editor and I have a crapload of revisions to do. They are overwhelming but totally necessary and I know in the end it will all be worth it, but that moment right before you start a crapload of work is the worst.
  2. I’ve had nothing to blog about. It’s been so desperate I almost blogged about the cut I got on my thumb from a cottage cheese container. I also injured my big toe. Which would have most likely been part of the same blog post.
  3. I’m sick. As a dog.

So imagine my glee when I received the video below in an email this morning. It’s¬†entitled “How to Get out of a Rut.” I love it.

But just so you know, there’s some language in there.


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