Guest of honor

Not the hotel we stayed in, but a great movie that you should go see.

We’re having our wood floors refinished so, over the last few days, we had to stay at a hotel. I’d been dreading this. Like for weeks. Why? Four people, one hotel room, and ONE BATHROOM. This was no freaking joke. I think you get more privacy in prison. And although these few days weren’t the best time I’ve ever had, at least they weren’t the worst.

First, breakfast was included in the price of our room, so every morning my kids could have an elaborate meal that (1) I didn’t have to make and (2) I didn’t have clean up. This alone was worth its weight in gold. They made their own waffles from batter and drizzled them with like 20 different unhealthy toppings (some sort of strawberry and mango syrup, whipped cream, probably like Oreos or something but I stopped paying attention). We were “livin’ the hotel lifestyle,” as my kid called it.

Second, after I dropped off my kids at school, I could come back to the hotel and work out in the gym there. And nobody else was in there because all the business people had gone to work by then so it was my own personal gym with treadmills, weights, machines, and all the things. When I was all done, I just walked up some stairs and voila! I was back in my room where I could get ready for the day. No annoying commute to and from the gym.

Finally, everyday somebody came in to make the bed and clean the bathroom and everything else and that person wasn’t me. I didn’t have to wash any towels or sheets. I was a lady of leisure and it was amazing.

So yeah, livin’ the hotel lifestyle isn’t something I want to do on a regular basis, but it certainly has it all over livin’ the rock and roll lifestyle.

  1. Nafisa

    November 2nd, 2019 at 6:38 am

    Hotel lifestyle is one experience I love to pass through and like you definitely not something I would do on a regular basis. It fun, less stressful and leave you more times to do others things but what life without some stress.
    It lovely reading your experience

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