Food fight

My kids are into this thing where they make up their own snack/breakfast/meal/etc. and then get somebody to judge which of their creations is better. I am usually that judge. Most of the time it’s okay. Nothing too crazy — toast sticks dipped in buffalo sauce, double stackers (honey and peanut butter sandwich on a pita, warmed up in the microwave and topped with powdered sugar), etc.

But this weekend it was different. I was forced to taste the most disgusting “food” on the face of the earth. It was so bad, I couldn’t even lie and tell them it was kind of good. I literally spit it out in the sink and screamed, “This is the most foul thing I have ever tasted in my life.”

What was it? Three words: Popcorn. Nutmeg. Cayenne pepper.

An abomination.

My other kid’s creation was called a “Uranus ball” (pronounced exactly how you think it’s pronounced). It was a ball made of rubber bands floating in a mug full of water.

I think they’re trying to poison me.

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