Bikini shmikini

The only bikini that currently interests me.

The online version of Women’s Health Magazine has some killer workouts. If it’s too cold/rainy/hot outside to go running, their workouts are my go-to. You only need 6 x 6 square feet of space and no equipment. Win-win.

EXCEPT for one little thing that happens every time I go to their website. About three minutes into my workout, as I’m following their diagrams/videos/descriptions, the following pops up on my computer screen:


So yeah, it’s a pop-up ad, right? No problem. But in order to get rid of it and go back to the workout, you have to hit the following message in small print at the bottom of the ad:

No thanks, I already have a bikini body.

Say what? Passive aggressive much?

So women who use these workouts have two choices: to either get the magazine’s 21-day Bikini Body Plan OR put it out into the universe the fact that they’re declaring I HAVE A BIKINI BODY. Is there no in between? Like, “No thanks, I don’t have a bikini body but I’m not interested in participating in this program at this time”?

I swear, every time I click that tiny, little line to get out of the ad it makes me (and I’m sure women everywhere) feel like (a) a big liar, and (b) the girl jumping in the ad who clearly has a bikini body is saying, “Um, sure, whatever you say, but you certainly could use a little help before bikini season.”

I have to say: Not a fan of the pop-up ad.


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