nice to meet you.

My name is Meredith Towbin and I used to write novels. My most special dream was to become the next Great American Novelist. Shit, critics were going to hail me as the new darling of the literati! It was going to be amazing. Unfortunately, 500 (give or take) literary agents, editors, and publishers didn't share my vision, and I have the rejection letters to prove it. Over the course of 10 years, I wrote four different books that I couldn't sell. (I wrote a fifth novel that did sell, but let's just say Harvard isn't exactly teaching it in Lit 101.) My poor misunderstood manuscripts who were just looking for a little love in this crazy world retired and made a nice home for themselves in the dark recesses of my laptop. 

But what became of me? How could I possibly recover from this level of professional failure?

I shoved my mouth full of cake. Actually, I learned how to bake and decorate artisan buttercream cakes and THEN I stuffed my mouth full of cake. I'd always liked baking and first tried my hand at cake decorating when my kids were born. I made themed cakes for their birthday parties and it was super fun. No matter how ugly the cakes came out, everyone would eat 'em up yum and there wasn't a complaint in the house. 

I used my newfound writing-free time to take cake decorating classes and develop new skills. Every time friends or family had a birthday or a get together, I'd whip up a cake with an original design. And again, even if I messed up on the buttercream roses, not one person complained because THEY WERE EATING CAKE and who doesn't love cake?!? I'm proud to report that I've never had anyone reject any of my cakes. No one has ever told me that my cake is "not the right fit" for them at this time or that they just "couldn't connect" with it.

So now I make pretty desserts and give them to people who tell me it makes them happy. It gives me the warm fuzzies and makes it easier to deal with the greatest failure of my entire life. I'm making it through, one cake at a time. As a very wise person (um, Drew Barrymore) once said, "In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths." Yes, the cake is strong in this one (um, me).

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